PARMS, together with other organizations, sectors, companies, and students gathered for the Subic Environmental Summit last 27-28 September, 2018.

The event is aimed to foster a more sustainable environment by imparting the zero-waste lifestyle and changing the way people see trash. Delegates were educated about how plastics can be repurposed by properly disposing of it and donating it to upcycling organizations such as PARMS.

PARMS President Crispian Lao and Vice President Bert Guevara shared a brief narrative about what PARMS is and what it stands for. The leaders talked about the Global & Government State of the Environment & Waste Management and the Inter-sector Collaboration Needed to Progress Towards Zero-waste Philippines. They also shared PARMS’ business model of collecting flexible packaging wastes and turning it into more useful products like chairs, tables, bricks, and pallets.

“The reason why trash are just thrown everywhere is because it has no value to anyone,” the leaders quoted, adding that when we create something useful out of those trash, more people will be encouraged to properly use and dispose of it.

Private Sector Representatives also shared some of their Solid Waste Management initiatives and commitments. Among the PARMS members, Sir Jess Reyes of Nestlé, Sir Ed Sunico of Unilever, and Ms. Anna Legarda of P&G have talked about their companies’ efforts.

Coca-Cola is a major sponsor of Subic Environmental Summit.