Seven elementary schools in Parañaque became the initial beneficiaries of Project Second Chance – a program of PARMS that teaches people to collect flexible plastics and turn it into more usable forms.

The Parañaque DENR Superintendent elected schools near the PARMS facility to learn more about the project’s modules: Teacher Training for Solid Waste Management, Solid Waste Management Workshop, Distribution of PARMS Bins, and Awarding of Green Antz Eco-brick Installations.

Teacher Training for Solid Waste Management

Headed by Nestlé Philippines, PARMS developed modules on Solid Waste Management—the proper use, disposal, and recycling of trash, and its effect on the environment. These fun and interactive modules were pilot-tested on children with the presence of Parañaque CENRO representatives for comments and approval.

Solid Waste Management Workshop with Teachers, Admin, and Parents

Last September 15, 2018, the Project Second Chance modules were run with coordinators and some Parent-Teacher Association representatives from the 7 pilot schools. The graduates of the workshop will be relaying their learnings to their students or children.

Distribution of PARMS Bins

PARMS handed over bins for flexible plastics to beneficiaries at a one-bin-per-floor ratio. PARMS is also collaborating with Parañaque CENRO to collect and transport the flexible plastics to the Parañaque Materials Recovery Facilityfor treatment. The plastics will then be processed to become either Green Antz Eco-bricks or Plastic Lumber for research and development.

Awarding of Green Antz Eco-bricks Installations

Initially, PARMS planned to donate plastic school chairs. But upon assessment, the seven pilot schools have an oversupply of chairs. Since the schools need more facilities like walkways, hand-washing stations, clock towers, and benches, the group decided to donate Green Antz Eco-bricks. PARMS ran a competition with the seven schools — whoever will be the first to collect the required 1,250kg of flexible plastics will have their wish-listed installation constructed first. The installation is slated to start around the second half of January 2019.